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About Exie Susanne Smith

Author Exie Susanne Smith 2021-01

Author Exie Susanne Smith 2021-01

“When I was 12 my life changed, forever. In one night I knew I was going to have to grow up keeping a secret; the fact that I could hear and see things that other people couldn’t. I didn’t go in search of the dead, but it seems the dead came in search of me. In my first book, Welcome to My Para“Normal” Life, I talk about the growth of my gift.

Join me on the journey of a life time, but it might be a good idea, to leave the lights on while you do!”

Exie Susanne’s Mission

To help people gain some understanding of the paranormal and spirit world.

Author Exie Susanne Smith has spent the last 42 years living and learning from these experiences. Exie lives in Michigan with her husband, and their son.

Exie’s first book, Welcome to My Para“Normal” Life – the book that started it all, was published in 2012. Welcome to My Para“Normal” Life is in full release available by contacting me or on : Exie Susanne Smith.

Please see below for Exie’s additional books!

Exie’s Books

New – Dialog with the Dead (Book 4)

Dialog with the Dead book 4 front coverJoin Exie on further adventures in this her fourth book. “Dialog with the Dead” showcases her abilities to converse with the dead in their realm and ours.

In this book she pushes her boundaries to places she was not sure she ever wanted to go. Having survived, mostly unscathed, she has grown her confidence and abilities to new levels.

With the paranormal world veil thinning, we are in brand new territory. Come along and let’s see if we can figure this all out, together!

Buy Dialog with the Dead from : Exie Susanne Smith or contact the author directly to order!

The Essence Of Death (Book 3)

Essence of Death book coverTravel with Exie Susanne Smith as she navigates deeper still into the world of the dead, into “The Essence Of Death.” This journey will open your eyes and minds to wild new experiences and a world of possibilities.

“Together we will step out of our comfort zones, traverse the veil of vibrational energy and see what lies beyond in uncharted realms.”

Her many years of experience with ghosts, spirits and spirit guides, has led her to where she is today. Join her as she takes the next essential steps on her life’s path.

“It will be an other worldly adventure, when we the living, pay a visit on the dead!”

Buy The Essence of Death from : Exie Susanne Smith or contact the author directly to order!

When The Dead Come Calling front book coverWhen The Dead Come Calling (Book 2)

I go into detail as never before about ghosts, spirits, shadow people, orbs and vortices.

I believe in what I am receiving and am finding the courage to help educate people about the paranormal. I strive to achieve a balance within myself while helping people find honest intelligent answers and peace in their world.

Orders may be placed by contacting me or on : Exie Susanne Smith.

From Welcome to My Para“Normal” Life (Book 1)

Welcome To My Para“Normal” Life front book cover“As the grogginess starts to fade, I notice how dark my room is. My bedroom door must be closed. I never shut my bedroom door; I don’t like, or feel safe in the darkness. My stomach is flopping with fear, as I get the sudden feeling that I’m not alone in the dark. Scanning my room with my eyes open only to slits, so I don’t give away the fact I am awake. Across the room, deep in the shadows; there is a shape, it’s watching me. It must have realized I’m awake because it has started to glide toward me… I never went in search of the dead; but it seems the dead has come in search of me.”

Connect with Exie Susanne on Facebook

Connect with author Exie Susanne Smith on Facebook on her Welcome To My Para“Normal” Life–When the Dead Come Calling page.