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Welcome To My Para“Normal” Life

New front cover for Welcome To My Para“Normal” Life available March 2015

New cover for Welcome To My Para“Normal” Life

“When I was 12 my life changed, forever. In one night I knew I was going to have to grow up keeping a secret; the fact that I could hear and see things that other people couldn’t. I didn’t go in search of the dead, but it seems the dead came in search of me. In my first book, Welcome to My Para“Normal” Life, I talk about the growth of my gift,” says author Exie Susanne Smith.

Welcome To My Para“Normal” Life, Exie Susanne Smith’s first book, was published in 2012 and is available from : Exie Susanne Smith.

“As the grogginess starts to fade, I notice how dark my room is. My bedroom door must be closed. I never shut my bedroom door; I don’t like, or feel safe in the darkness. My stomach is flopping with fear, as I get the sudden feeling that I’m not alone in the dark. Scanning my room with my eyes open only to slits, so I don’t give away the fact I am awake. Across the room, deep in the shadows; there is a shape, it’s watching me. It must have realized I’m awake because it has started to glide toward me… I never went in search of the dead; but it seems the dead has come in search of me.”
– From the book Welcome to My Para“Normal” Life

Join Exie Susanne Smith on the journey of a lifetime through her book Welcome To My Para“Normal” Life. But it might be a good idea to leave the lights on!

Author Exie Susanne Smith has spent the last 42 years living and learning from these experiences. Exie lives in Michigan with her husband, and their son.

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Connect with author Exie Susanne Smith on Facebook on her Welcome To My Para“Normal” Life-When the Dead Come Calling page.