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Dialog with the Dead

Dialog with the Dead -Book 4 by Exie Susanne Smith full coverAuthor Exie Susanne Smith has published her 4th book – Dialog with the Dead, available now!

“…one of the other mediums had expressed concern about something they’d seen, they felt it was evil. I added that to my watch list. While blocking the woman hater spirit, I felt something drawing near, something still around the corner. Whatever it was had an energy I had never felt before. I suspected it was the evil spirit the one medium had concern over…Being mindful, staying present, so I could hold all this nastiness away, in order to continue to keep my fellow investigators protected and allow the investigation on my right to continue. my situation was getting intense, I put out a command, combined with imagery, “Nothing spiritual, nothing dead, can pass through this wall I have put up, without my permission.” As I put this command out, I put my hands up, and out, to  signify the building of a wall or barrier, between them and us. Just as I did that, on the far well, around the corner, the evil spirit I have been warned about and waiting for, appeared. I call this sort of ghost a wall crawler; this is the first one I have ever seen. It was a woman, in a dirty white hospital gown, greasy brown hair, that hung down on the sides and blocked my view of her face. She moved with super-human speed, on her hands and knees. She was at the very top of the wall, stopping at the corner, raiser her head, and looked directly at me…”
– From Book 4 Dialog with the Dead

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